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Profit from viewing ads 2020 (the best honest sites)

Profit from viewing ads 2020 (the best honest sites)

Profit from viewing ads 2020 (the best honest sites)

Profit from viewing ads 2020 (the best honest sites)

Although most profit experts do not prefer to  profit from viewing ads  as a means of profit, 

 However, it remains one of the easiest ways to profit from the Internet and the least in terms of time and effort.

 But …..  With a little effort, profits are few as usual, and despite that, some, especially those who do not have any skill, prefer this way of working, and although I believe that there are many other ways that are better for beginners than watching ads. However, we will explain the sites that profit from viewing ads in detail for those who prefer this method.

About sites  profit from viewing ads  
Profit sites  from viewing ads  are sites that provide you with the possibility of profit by viewing ads or pages for a certain period in exchange for some money, usually 0.001 cents.  One site provides 15-20 ads per day, and some sites offer the possibility of profit through other methods other than viewing ads: 

* Profit from solving some tasks * Profit from some games * And profit by renting referrals (people who register through your link) 
If you are a beginner, I will definitely start from here >>>>> The best sites and ways to profit from the Internet for beginners 2020

The best sites to profit from watching ads 

At the beginning of 2017, I entered this field by searching for (profit from viewing ads), and I spent several months on those sites not surprisingly with my earnings in the end ($ 2). do you believe that ?!! More than two or three months and the profits are only $ 2, so I have put in this topic what will make you avoid what you went through, or at least provide you with more profits, and these are the first 4 sites on the list, I strongly advise you to start with. There are hundreds of sites that profit from viewing ads, but few of those sites are the ones that are considered honest and pay users and those sites are only what we will put in the rest of the topic 

1- Timebucks 

* It is considered the best site to profit from clicking on ads, as it does not contain ads only, but is considered an integrated site with many other profit methods, where  you can profit from each of:

  – Watching ads  – Watching videos – Solving captcha codes  – Various tasks – Surveys – LIKES and FOLLOW work on social media sites  – Weekly contests 30 winners are selected to win cash prizes  – Profit from the referral 15% of the profits of people who register through you 

 * You can win 20-30 cents from the site in a quarter of an hour

 * The minimum amount for withdrawing profits: $ 10 Ways to withdraw profits:  

  •  Skrill
  •  Bitcoin 
  •  Bank transfer
  •  Airtm 

Register on the site now through this link and get a $ 1 free gift

Register from here

2- Ysense 

* Founded in 2007* One of the most reliable profit sites on the Internet, but does not depend on viewing ads, but on tasks 

– Viewing ads has been canceled and it has become dependent on performing tasks and opinion polls is considered the best for those in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 5 only
You can withdraw profits by: 

  •  paypal
  •  skrill
  • Payoneer
  •  Amazon Cards 

Register from here

3- Coinpayu

If you are looking for an honest site that contains a lot of ads and offers, then this site is the best choice.
Coinpayu, unlike other sites, is considered a professional site that does not contain a lot of annoying ads.

  • You can earn between 300 – 1000 satoshi per day from ads only
  • You can win 10,000 satoshi and more deals daily
  • The minimum winnings withdrawal is $ 1 
  • You can withdraw via (Payer – Bitcoin – Faucetpay Wallet – Litecoin – Ethereum)
  • Riveral profits 10%

Register from here

4- Adbtc 

* The best site to earn bitcoin from watching ads at all, I advise you if you are a beginner to subscribe to it. 
* Through the site, you can earn a lot by watching ads only (about 600-1000 satoshi per day). 

* Bitcoin increases in price over time and this site provides you with a great opportunity to win bitcoin . 
* The site pays continuously within 3 days.
* The minimum withdrawal amount is 5000 satoshi for  the Faucetpay wallet and 50 thousand satoshi for your regular wallet 

 Proof of payment from the site 

Explanation of Adbtc site to profit from viewing ads

Register from here

5- Keep rewarding 

This site I discovered by chance and it is really special. Although it is relatively new compared to other benefits, it provides hundreds of ways to profit. You can profit from the site by: 

  • Watch ads 
  • Watch the videos 
  • Offers (thousands of them) 
  • Simple tasks 
  • Polls 

* As for withdrawing profits, you can withdraw as soon as you reach the minimum of  $ 1  (110 points) by: 

  • Paypal 
  • Amazon Cards 
  • Walmart cards 

If you register now from our link, you will get 25 registration bonus points

Register from here

6- neobux 

* It is a pioneer in the field of profit from viewing ads and the most honest at all, but its profit rates are a little low, but with the development of tasks that you can do, profit becomes easier  * The company was established in 2008 * Payment methods are nettler and skrill * There are approximately 10 ads available on the site per day, each ad is 0.001 cents, which means about a cent per day of ads, but you can rent Riveral and earn from the tasks and pressures that they perform
* You can also profit by referring friends (referrals) * Payment on the site is done immediately, meaning that if you request to withdraw your profits now, it will reach your account at the same moment * To register on the Neobux  site click here 

Proof of withdrawal from the Neobux website 

Proof of paying neobux to profit from viewing ads

Register from here

7- Wad Ojooo

* One of the best sites to   profit from viewing ads,   which is distinguished from many others.
  * A branch of the famous Ojooo Company, a company that has a search engine and Android applications, and has many other fields.

* The company was established in 2013.

* You get paid by watching ads, completing tasks and referrals, and you can rent a number of referrals and take advantage of them.

* The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 2 .Bitcoin is currently the only way to withdraw. 

* You can easily reach the minimum withdrawal limit, but the withdrawal may be delayed for a week or more, the site is honest and paid me.

Register from here

8-  picoclix

  * is a relatively new site to profit from watching ads. 

* The site offers about 25 ads per day. 

* The cost of advertising is high compared to other ads where there are ads, each costing $ 0.004 and ads of $ 0.002.

 * You can earn approximately 5 – 10 cents per day from viewing ads. 

* The percentage of profit from referrals varies depending on the type of membership, but the profit rate is usually 50% of your referrals.

 * Minimum withdrawal amount is $ 2. 

* Profits are withdrawn via  Payer  or  Perfect Money 

* After the first withdrawal of profits, you must submit proof of withdrawal to the forum of the site and also to the site netbusinessrating in order to receive your second profits 

 * To register on the site from here  picoclix

Proof of payment from the site profit from viewing ads

10- gptplanet 

* From sites that  profit from viewing honest and distinctive  ads

 * It has multiple payment methods as it pays by payeer, skrill, nettler, bitcoin and perfect money

 * The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 1

 * Profit is made by viewing the ads that are abundant on the site, which reach about 30 ads. The value of the advertisement is 0.001 cents, meaning you collect 3 cents per day 

* Profit is also made by renting the riveral or through the direct river.
* The site is the second by an organization after  Scarlet Clix

Profits expert blog tips before you start  earning from seeing ads 

* Sites to profit from viewing ads are not a way to achieve a steady income 

* If you decide to subscribe to any profit site from viewing ads, I advise you to continue until you reach the minimum limit and withdraw your profits

* Start to profit from watching ads while specifying a specific amount that you want to reach, then stop wasting your time

 * Sites that profit from viewing ads will not continue to profit from them if you want the real profit from the Internet  

Business advantages in profit from viewing ads 

– Ease of work 
– no skill required 

Disadvantages of profit from viewing ads

As we mentioned above that many people who work in the field of profit from the Internet do not prefer to profit from viewing advertisements as a way to profit from the Internet for many reasons, including 

* The  return  from sites that profit from viewing ads is  low 

* Some people consider this method a  waste of time  as you are wasting time that you could use to learn other useful things 

* Some sites that profit from viewing ads  focus on users  (but in this topic we will offer you the best so far) 

* It is difficult to reach the minimum  withdrawal  limit

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