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Basic steps to get started online

Basic steps to get started online

Basic steps to get started online

 admin   (0)Start work on the Internet is not complicated, but some suffer, especially newly in this area difficult to start, face a often a lot of obstacles in addition to the dispersion and counting the ability to identify priorities that they do so in a directory start profit from the Internet this I help you in Put some broad lines that you must walk on in order to reach your goal, so let me take your first steps in your hand until you reach what you want and avoid some distraction that you may be exposed to. 

In this guide you will find:

  • The most important tools you will need before starting to work 
  • The best way to start
  • is Where do you learn?
  • – After profit
  •  Important advice 
Basic steps to get started online

1- The most important tools that everyone needs in the field of profit from the Internet

 * A new Gmail account : You can definitely use your Gmail account, but I prefer to have more than one Gmail account of your own and use them in different ways. 
* Paypal account : Paypal is the most famous electronic bank, and it is the method that will receive most of your profits from most of the different ways of working on it. 
* Payoneer account : Payoneer is the second most popular electronic bank in the world. Payoneer provides an American bank account in addition to its own Master Card. You will need Payoneer in the event that you increase your profits from the Internet or when working in marketing for some sites. 
* Bitcoin wallet : Bitcoin is one of the virtual currencies that has become very popular in recent years, and it is also a way to receive your profits from some sites. This wallet looks like your bank account and you receive bitcoin on it and then you can sell it. 
* Laptop : Some people may not be able to bear the cost of a computer or laptop 
 and only have a phone, but I strongly advise anyone wishing to enter this field to have a laptop or a desktop computer to start working from (easier and saves you a lot of Time). 
* Visa or bank account : To receive money from electronic banks on your account, it is very necessary if you want your money, do you not want it ?! For Egyptians, the best visa used online is (Egyptian Post Visa Easy Pay) As for other countries, you can ask about the best way to link your electronic accounts and receive your profits. 
– Many bloggers also talk about having an account in Banque Misr in dollars to receive your profits on it (Adsense – Payoneer) because of the ease of opening the account and the lack of expenses. 

2- What is the best way to start?

 I still strongly advise you to own your own website or blog, so if you did not create it because it is a source of negative profit (that brings you money while you sleep), create your blog because through it you can easily profit from all other methods. We have an entire section on blogging and learn it either: 

 – Free Blogger Course 

– In addition to the basics of blogging that you may also learn about.

 Information: The cost of creating a blog does not exceed 60 dollars annually at the beginning

, but I know that many do not prefer to start paying any money because it is often not known whether it will continue in this field or not. Therefore, you have one option, which is ( collect the money necessary to start Online from the Internet

  Meaning that you earn some money from the Internet in order to start, and my advice is now from my experience if you are from: 

 – Egypt or Morocco : Start a freelance job, provide services on mini-service sites (five – a sponsor – Fiverr) and those services are not necessary It is complicated only simple and desirable services (writing articles – managing social media pages – designing logos – voiceover)

  – from any other country : start through GPT sites or sites profit from performing tasks as they are the fastest to accumulate capital You can see the best sites The GPT that we talked about 

Some people prefer to start through the YouTube channel because they think it is easier, but although it is really easier in terms of starting and does not need any effort, but you need to be professional and be acceptable in front of the camera (yes, it is necessary to stand in front of the camera if you want to Get a large number of followers).

 3- Where do you learn?

 Everything you want to learn on the Internet is already on the Internet. Just write what you want to learn and see the search results that appear for you and you will find those who provide all what you are trying to learn. 

The best resource to start working on the Internet

I strongly recommend paid courses to learn (not only because of the lack of quality of the free courses), but because they are more organized and I think that when we find ourselves paying money we are more serious about learning and continuing, but if you do not have the money at the present time, there is no problem at all, you can learn from The free explanations, but I strongly advise you to learn the English language and follow the explanations from its original sources. If you decide to start marketing in its various fields as one of the strongest sources of income on the Internet, you will find us offering some free courses that will help you, of course, you can consider it the first step for you in starting your way to professionalism, then you can buy the paid courses: 

 – Free Affiliate Marketing  Course

 – Course Free 

CPA Marketing

4- You started seeing your profits from the Internet, what should you do now 😵? 

Many people stop after reaching that stage, but I remember that I already told you that this guide is not to profit from the Internet only, but to reach your financial freedom, do you not want to reach it ?!

 Two basic steps that many people neglect at this stage: 

  1.  – Saving 
  2.  – Investing.

  Saving: One of the most powerful saving methods used by most wealthy and financially successful people around the world is (saving 10% of any income that reaches you). By doing you were able to make some money from the Internet, are you spending it ?! If you don’t start saving now, you are condemning yourself to failing money forever. 

One of my friends was already making a lot of money from his work. He was spending most of his income mostly because he did not have any personal obligations at that time, but with the passage of time the obligations began to increase and he was unable to cope with those new obligations and borrowing became the means. Now, I do not want you to reach that stage. Therefore:  Open a bank account or a savings account in the mail, and as soon as any money reaches you, take 10% of that money and put it in your account and never approach this account except when absolutely necessary (Even if you will invest that money) 

Investment: middle-income people and the poor only save, but the rich invest that money and make it work for and here in the profit expert we strongly invite you to invest and start expanding your income circle.  Allocate at least 50% of your profit for investment and invest in a variety of areas (do not put the whole house in one basket), whether this investment:

  • – Developing your main business to return to you with more and moreprofits . 
  • Starting a new project
  • . Investing in the stock market, forex or digital currencies
  • . By that, you have used 60% of your money. You can enjoy the rest of the percentage and use it for your personal expenses (give yourself a reward for your hard work). With the passage of time, you will find your investments increasing in value and your savings growing to be surprised in the end that you reach your financial freedom at a young age. 

If you want to learn more about investing, get to know: 
– Our Forex for beginners course (free course) I   strongly advise you to read one of the investment books that we talked about before.

5 important tips

  in the last part of the Start Guide on the Internet Here are some important tips that you may need in your way: 

  1.  – not one of those around you tell you about your projects or your profits (only your family if you want)  
  2. – I work in silence always 
  3.  – work on the Internet in Most of them keep you away from social relationships, try not to be completely isolated from the outside world and those around you.
  4.  – The faster you fail, the faster your likelihood of success increases  
  5. – Invest in yourself constantly (learn constantly about your field and develop yourself within it
  6.   – Search extensively for all that you desire and do not stop searching until you become an expert in what you do. 
  7.  – Use those with better skills. From you and pay generously if the work is done  well.
  8. – Benefit from others’ experiences and mistakes and try not to make those mistakes  Do you like the startup guide? 

Basic steps to get started online Basic steps to get started online Basic steps to get started online

Share these steps with others and start helping those around you to find someone to help you in the future. 

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