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MANA’s digital currency falls 90% in 2022… What about 2023?

MANA’s digital currency declined

The Decentraland Digital Currency (MANA), launched by Ariel Milic and Esteban Ordano in 2020, failed to take advantage of some positive developments in its ecosystem this year with its 2022 closure badly.

Over the past 12 months, the MANA digital currency has lost 91%, failing to recover from the huge price volatility experienced by a series of unfortunate events plaguing cryptocurrency space and growing uncertainty in the crypto market.

According to the platform “Coingecko”, at the time of writing, the rate of the MANA digital currency fluctuates around a level of $0.30.

The last 30 days were bad for Decentraland, where the currency’s value ended up falling 25%.

It is truly regrettable, especially given that the cryptocurrency ecosystem has made impressive progress in the NFT world.

440% growth in Decentraland-based NFT:

The MetaForce-based gaming platform appears to have focused most of its attention on this year’s non-replaceable code space (NFT), as evidenced by its incredible performance in relation to the industry.

Decentraland revealed in its year-end performance report that for 2022, there was a unique NFT 2.7 million released on its platform.

With this figure, and on an annual basis, Decentraland enjoyed a 440% increase in the volume of NFT assets minted on its network.

Decentraland was also proud to announce that it would end 2022 with a unique 1 million active users after posting a 13% jump over the past 12 months.

In addition, the project also managed to increase its turnover by 510% over the same time period after it sold 143,900 NFT wearables.

But even with these high numbers, Decentraland’s MANA digital currency failed to exit its downline.

What can MANA holders expect in 2023?

There is little good news for Decentraland’s cryptocurrency holders as Coincodex expects a potential appreciation in the coming days.

Meanwhile, after 30 days of decline MANA cryptocurrency managed to regain the $0.30 level.

Currently, MANA holders and investors can catch some breath after the currency returns to a level of $0.30 and take a break from the challenging landscape in today’s cryptocurrency industry.

Here are the most influential moments in the cryptocurrency market in 2022

MANA’s digital currency declined

MANA’s digital currency declined

MANA’s digital currency declined

MANA’s digital currency declined

MANA’s digital currency declined

MANA’s digital currency declined

MANA’s digital currency declined

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