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Nine important steps to making good money from YouTube

Nine important steps to making good money from YouTube

Perhaps you have already heard about profit from YouTube and the stories of people who have made profits from YouTube, and you may have asked yourself, “Can I do that too!” If you do not know how to get started on the path of profit from YouTube, you can through this guide to start making money quickly, especially if you have a strong follower base. Follow these steps to start getting revenue from YouTube views and making revenue from Google Adsense ads on your videos.

Set up and create a YouTube channel

  1. Set up and create a YouTube channel. YouTube channel is your personal presence on YouTube. Every YouTube account has a channel linked to it. A YouTube account is the same as a Google account, and creating a YouTube account will give you the right to access other Google services, such as Adsense and Drive.

Create an account on Gmail or use your existing account. Then add keywords to help people get to your channel. You can add keywords by going to the “Advanced” section of the channel settings. Ensure that the keywords are relevant to the channel’s content.

google youtube video

Username is an important tool that you can benefit from. If the name is special, your followers will easily mention it. But if you used an account you already have, you can change the username at any time by modifying your Google Plus account. YouTube channel names are suggested.
Upload content to YouTube

  1. Upload content. Try to upload high-definition videos, but stay away from videos that are too long. (This may vary depending on the type of video you want to upload to the casters) Also try to upload videos regularly and keep in line with the channel’s activity.

Even if the content isn’t good at first, practice will make you better. Try to make each video better than the previous one. Most of the time you will learn this.
Optimize your content by using a good camera or trying to use editing software to make up for it. Also try to improve your photography skills. Use a tripod and if you have a friend, ask him to help improve the lighting better. All of this helps produce a better video and thus helps you get more views.
Updating your channel regularly helps you create a constantly following audience. You can get more subscribers if you add content regularly, and keep that regularity as much as possible.
Make sure to tag your videos with the keywords that describe the videos, as this will help attract people to your video by searching on YouTube.
Acquisition of the audience from BeautyUp

  1. Audience acquisition. Building audience is a key component to increasing profits. You need people to view the ads to get paid. There is no secret to getting a huge number of subscribers, other than making your channel offer better videos.

google youtube video

Continue to upload videos and try to reach people interested in the channel’s field. By sharing the video on Twitter and Facebook and publishing it in the groups of social networking sites.
Interact with viewers by responding to comments and making videos that are directly related to viewers’ comments and questions. Connecting with viewers will bring more views to your channel.
Monetization from YouTube

  1. Monetization from YouTube. In order to start earning from YouTube you will need to enable monetization. This means that you allow YouTube to place ads on your videos. This means that you acknowledge that there is no copyright material in your video.

Profit from YouTube and YouTube views

  1. Reaching 10,000 views. In updating the new YouTube policy, the channel’s access to 10,000 views within a maximum of 12 months is a prerequisite for the possibility of submitting a profit request from YouTube.

You can monetize your videos when you upload them by clicking on the Monetization or Monetization tab and clicking on the “Monetize with Ads” box.
To monetize any video after uploading it, open the Video Manager and click on the “$” sign next to the video that you want to monetize. Then check the “Make money with ads” box. You can get views within two days for free from the AddMeFast site, register and then go to your email to activate your account and start gaining views.
Set up a Google Adsense account

  1. Set up a Google Adsense account. You must have a Google Adsense account to start making profits. Click on the Sign up now button and start creating an account. You must be 18 years or older to create your account. If you are younger than that, you will need an adult to help you enter their details for you.

You need a bank account or receipt through Western Union and a postal number in addition to other information so that Adsense can verify the identity of whoever is going to send the profits to it. You will earn smaller amounts per click on the ad and less per view, but these will increase over time. This is why views are the main key to increasing YouTube profit.
Check your YouTube analytics

  1. Check your analyzes. After you’ve uploaded some videos to your channel, monetized them and gained views, you can check out their analyzes to see their performance level.

Click on Analytics in the side menu. You can view estimated earnings, see ad performance, individual video views, geographic information, and more information about the channel.
Use these tools to see how much your audience likes what you offer.
Promote your videos online .

  1. Marketing your videos elsewhere. Don’t just put your videos on YouTube! Consider creating a blog or website or publishing it on other video platforms like YouTube. The more views, the better. By sharing the link or embedding the video on websites, you improve your chance of getting more profits.

Become a YouTube partner

  1. Become a YouTube partner. YouTube partners are YouTube members who have monetized videos with high views. Partners gain access to more content creation tools, and can win prizes based on the number of views they have. The partners also get more support and advice from YouTube employees.

You can apply for YouTube Partnerships at any time through the YouTube Partner Page. In order to gain access to the most powerful partner programs, you need to have 15,000 cumulative viewing hours for your channel over the last 90 days.
Ways to Profit from YouTube (Top 4 Main Methods)
4 main ways to make money from YouTube, which you will learn about in detail:

google youtube video

Partner with YouTube and make money from ads
Working with brands or with corporate sponsorship
Use fan financing platforms to support your channel
Sell ​​products on YouTube
Now we will explain each one in detail

Become a YouTube partner and make money from ads

When thinking about how to profit from YouTube, the easiest way is to make profits through ads: You can allow YouTube to display different types of ads on or next to your videos, and when someone clicks on these ads or buys something through advertising, you get commission.

To earn money from ads, you will need to become a YouTube partner. You can do this by going to the Creator Studio section of your account and enabling Monetization. You will also need to subscribe to the Google AdSense Network. Of course, this method we explained in full above.

Sometimes the videos may not qualify for monetization. The problem with Adsense is that you may need a large number of views and clicks to get a large revenue from ads, and YouTube has become very strict with the rules regarding monetizing videos.

Because of these problems, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with alternative ways to profit from your YouTube channel along with ads.

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Profit from brands or sponsors

As your channel grows and you gain a large number of subscribers, you can start communicating with different brands to showcase their products to your audience. This is a great way to earn money from YouTube, because all you have to do is display the products you love in the videos on your channel.

Usually, sponsors pay you fixed amounts to advertise to them on every video you post on your channel, and provide you with a special link so that if someone buys a product from them, you also get an additional commission. It’s a great way to monetize YouTube. And this step after some time has passed to establish a channel that has followers on YouTube.

For example, in this video, you can watch “YouTuber Mahmoud Tariq” talking about how to buy products from abroad without paying duties through the HitchHiker app and the video sponsored by Hitchhiker.

Profit from YouTube from brands or sponsors
This type of marketing is similar to the profit from affiliate marketing, but it is much easier besides that you will not need to receive calls or questions about the product and so on.

Use fan financing platforms to support your channel

When searching for how to earn money on YouTube, look into fan financing platforms like Patreon. These platforms allow viewers of your videos to sign up to donate regularly to you. For example, someone might sign up to donate $ 1 a month, $ 10 a month, etc. In exchange for this support, for example, they get a Skype call with you every month to help them solve a technical issue, for example, allow them to watch the videos before they are published, and more. Like youtuber atheist Sherif Jaber.

youtube trending

YouTuber Sharif Jaber Ali Patron
These platforms are great because they allow you to get a “monthly salary” where you specify exactly how much you will be getting. All you have to do is create a page on Patreon, send your viewers there, and offer them some attractive rewards on your YouTube channel.

Selling products or merchandise

Sell ​​products or merchandise on YouTube
If you want to know how to profit from YouTube, it is a good idea to consider selling your products or merchandise. YouTubers make a lot of money doing this and for some of them it is their main source of income.

As your channel develops and promotes it, you can start to know what your audience wants. You can create your own website where you display your products, and post the website link in the description to send viewers to the site to buy the products.

5 tips to improve YouTube profits
Here are 5 essential tips to monetize your YouTube channel and make more money:

  1. Stay steady and keep improving the video quality

The only way to get more views, subscribers, and fans is to constantly post videos. This is the real secret to investing in a YouTube channel.

Not only will this earn you more money, but you feel more comfortable in front of the camera, and you end up being more persuasive when marketing a product through your channel!

Once you start creating a “don’t stop” channel publishing new and exclusive videos, you will feel every day getting better and better.

  1. Improve imaging tools

What videos do you prefer to watch on YouTube? Videos from a shaky and bad phone camera, or still videos shot on a high-quality DSLR?

When you start working on YouTube, I look for resources to learn how to professionally photograph, in addition to mastering the montage programs to produce a professional video for your viewers.

  1. Create high-quality content and listen to your audience

This is the first mistake most creative people make when starting their YouTube business. Their mother doesn’t care about the quality of the content provided.

Always set your audience as your first goal, think about it, and ask what they want. And that doesn’t mean you should do something you don’t want just because viewers are asking for it. You should be doing the things that you love to do, and that your viewers want them to be.

  1. Expansion by creating other channels and creating your own website

Very successful youtubers have their own websites where they sell other products. They also have side channels and other accounts on sites like podcast, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

With continued growth and success, you should consider expanding your reach to a larger audience and creating more channels so that you have a greater opportunity to reach more people.

  1. Write your headlines and make good photos

In order to create a successful YouTube channel, you must have good experience creating attractive video titles. There are millions of videos on YouTube, so you should learn everything that helps you to make your videos stand out from the huge amount of videos on YouTube.

Tips to improve video views
Use keywords as they help increase video views.
Add distinctive music at the beginning of each new video clip.
Upload videos to YouTube regularly.
Create videos with good content and quality.
Create social media accounts and share your videos with them!
Be sure to add Tags when uploading a new video.
Create videos about what’s trending on the Internet.
Games and comics are among the most-watched genres on YouTube.
Important warnings for beginners before starting to profit from YouTube
Some people may leave negative comments to disappoint you. Don’t give them a chance for that.
If you have videos that contain copyright-protected content (such as music that you did not create, film parts, etc.), this reduces the chance of signing up for the YouTube Partner Program.
Copyrighted content can cause your videos to be blocked, and possibly even blocked.
Answer common questions about profit from YouTube
These are some of the important questions that are always repeated by beginners in profit from YouTube:

How much is the profit rate from YouTube?
There is no limit to the profit rate from YouTube, which varies based on several factors. And also the profits of a channel in a field that differs from another. For example: comedy, games, fashion, and technology are common areas on YouTube.

Millions of people browse YouTube daily for entertainment. Regardless of the content, the style of attracting viewers and the quality of the video content can achieve the highest revenue from YouTube. For example, geography is not an exciting field for most people. Note that a YouTube channel named Paul Barbato publishes videos titled “Geography with flair, excitement and comedy.” The channel has exceeded 100 million views and over a million subscribers.

How much does YouTube pay for a million views?
If you are not a subscriber to Google AdSense, you will not gain anything, but if you are a subscriber, your profits range from one million views from Arab countries between 500 – 800 dollars, and if the views are from foreign countries such as Denmark and America, the profits can reach 3000 dollars. The AdSense revenue generated by the channel varies according to many factors such as the countries from which the views come from, the types of ads that are displayed, the category of content, and the average length of the video because if the duration of the video is 30 minutes, you can place more than one ad on a single video, thus doubling the profit of one million views. Google pays 68% of Adsense revenue, so for every $ 100 an advertiser pays, Google pays the publisher $ 68.

How many subscribers do you need to start getting profits?
During the past year, the YouTube profit policy has changed, so the channel must have gained 1,000 subscribers during the last 12 months. Also, the size of subscribers is of great importance in increasing YouTube views. If someone sees that there are many subscribers to the channel, this will be a greater incentive for him to subscribe.

Is it possible to profit from YouTube without Google Adsense?
YouTube users can profit from YouTube without Adsense. You can profit from selling products and affiliate marketing, and advertising for something at the beginning of the video, and there are many, many ways to make a return from YouTube without Adsense. We will dwell on it in detail in a separate article.

How to receive YouTube profits?
YouTube profits are withdrawn through Google Adsense, and depending on your address in the Adsense account, the available payment options, but the payment methods used in the Arab countries are:

A check for the amount due
Bank transfer
Western Union (the best way)
Could You Lose YouTube Monetization?
YouTube won’t automatically prevent you from monetizing … but channels can lose monetization if you violate any of YouTube’s monetization policies, regardless of watch hours and subscribers.

Are you getting YouTube earnings every month?
Yes, YouTube pays you your earnings on a monthly basis, often on the 21st of the month. Once you win $ 100 or more, YouTube will start paying you on a monthly basis.

youtube trending

What are the conditions for earning from YouTube?
Your channel should get a total of 4000 watch hours, which means the number of hours your videos are watched. Viewers must watch your videos for 240,000 minutes (4k hours) and 1000 subscribers to enable monetization. That is, after you fulfill these conditions, you will earn money from YouTube AdSense.

Who gets the most profits from YouTube?
According to Forbes, the top five YouTube celebs are:

  1. Ryan Toys Review – $ 22 million
  2. Jake Ball – $ 21.5 million
  3. Dweedy Perfect – $ 20 million
  4. Jeffree Star – $ 18 million
  5. Dan DTM – $ 18.5 million

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